One of the biggest benefits clients get when working with us is leveraging our technology to get them a measurable ROI.


Tracking & Analytics

Tracking is the backbone to marketing campaigns. We have state of the art tracking systems that monitor over 30 data points from impression to lead. We view reports daily and constantly optimize based on our analytics.

CRM - Customer Relationship Manager

We developed a proprietary CRM based on the needs of our partner schools. We have built on six years of data to get to a seamless CRM that integrates with many of our partners.

Lead Delivery Engine

Our lead delivery engine plugs into our CRM and provides our partners with various real-time data points beyond the basic lead form.

The "Human" Factor

Although automation is fantastic, we believe in an added layer of quality checking. We have dedicated employees looking over each lead to ensure the highest quality deliverables to our clients. This ensures the highest contact and enrollment rates.

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